Adult Shop

Checked Short Dress
Any thickness, any length, any shape, any color. You name it, we can get it.
Slim Fit Chinos
Rubber, metal, leather, studded, these are just a few of the types of cock rings we have in store for you.
Light Blue Denim Dress
Water-based, oil-based, butter-based, ok not butter basted, but lube that will make slippery, no matter where or when you apply it.
Unisex Sunglasses
When you’re tired of the usual suspects, let’s break out the special cupboard with the special curiosities. Everyone likes a bit of kink now and then.
Blue Round-Neck Tshirt
Something to cover your box, or at least partially cover it, until you’re ready to take it off anyway, right?
Silver Chrome Watch
Aroma are excellent allies of anal sex, as they promote relaxation of the muscles of the anus.
Silver Chrome Watch
Check out the various stimulating products we have to make you even hotter!